September 22, 2011

Glamorous Garage Sales

Glamorous garage sale sounds like an oxymoron, I know. But every time I think of a beautiful garage sale, I think of the tag sale that author, fashion designer and tastemaker Carolyne Roehm held at her Sharon, CT home a few years ago. The "Tag Sale" as it was called was pretty enough to make the pages of Veranda. Many of the items for sale had been featured in Ms. Roehm's book A Passion For Parties. Tables used to hold the lovely wares were painted white and some were set with large bouquets of sunflowers which were also sold at the end of the day.

The lovely Carolyne Roehm, herself, arranging sale items

The tables were arranged with items of like style and color.

Some shoppers brought their pets along, which Carolyne Roehm says gave the day a "festive air".

I remember seeing these glasses in one of her books and loving them. Oh, to have been there!

While most of the things were sold outside, the better and more fragile things were displayed in Ms. Roehm's studio.

Carolyne Roehm's Weatherstone estate is breathtaking based on the pictures in her books. Just being there must have been a fun afternoon in itself. This past summer, she had another sale which she said would not be the "pretty" tag sale "just your classic old fashioned yard sale, with a mix of things from garden hoses to some of my beloved ribbons and silk flowers." But I doubt anything that Carolyne Roehm touches could be anywhere near ordinary.

And then there was actress Teri Hatcher's garage sale that she held with her daughter Emerson at their home. The public was invited and charged $50 for entry. Shoppers were served cupcakes and coffee as they browsed among designer items and unworn clothes. Teri raised $20,000 for her efforts, & the money was donated to a selection of local children's and family charities.

These two sales were far from your garden-variety garage sales with faded plastic garden gnomes, discarded toys and dusty paperback books. Like everything Carolyne Roehm does, hers was first rate. And Teri Hatcher's sale was apparently among the stars. This weekend, I'm holding a garage sale of my own and while I won't be serving cupcakes and coffee (or charging $50 for entry, hee hee), or decorating the tables with large bouquets of sunflowers, I think I will take a cue from these luxe sales and do a little "styling" of my own.

A little touch of glamour might go a long way! Enjoy your weekend!

xo - Keri


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