April 2, 2012

Be Your Own Decorator: Thank You to All the Best & Susanna Salk

I have been looking forward to Susanna Salk's new book Be Your Own Decorator since I first learned of it. So how lucky am I to be the winner of a copy given away through Ronda Carmen's blog,  All the Best?! A big thank you, Ronda Carmen and Susanna Salk! The book is available to order HERE and looks like a most promising read!

Enjoy your Monday! I'll be back shortly to show you what I've been up to.

xo Keri


  1. Hi Keri...ok where have you been? That book looks fabulous so I'm off to have a look see. Congrats on winning a copy of your own!


  2. Congrats to you. Ya, where have you been? Miss your posts!

  3. I was wondering where you have been! How nice to win......looks like a fun book! I have to look into it!!

  4. KERRI!!!!!! YOU ARE BACK MY DEAR! I really missed you so much!

    I LOVE this book. It find it so invigorating to be YOUR OWN anything. But that is just me. My recent decision to resign from full-time teaching came after realizing that as I get older, I cannot keep up with the system in which teachers are demanded more and more to be something that I am not quite sure what children really need. A stressed out drill sargent is not what they need and I am done.

    ARE YOU EXCITED about spring? I AM! Although I am on spring break, our weather turned sour and it is not warm enough to go out there and tackle the cleaning of the garden, but soon enough, good weather will come and beauty will arise again!


  5. Yay for you...can't wait to add this one to my ever growing collection!!


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