January 8, 2013


2013 is over a week in progress, and guess what?! I'm still keeping my New Year's resolutions! Before you're too impressed, you should ask what they are. My dad used to tell me about his grandfather (my great-grandfather) being teased about how untrained his dog was. My great-grandfather would insist his dog was very trained, then to "prove" it, he would wait until he saw that his dog was good and ready to do something anyway, like sit, then he would give the dog that command as the dog truly went about doing whatever he pleased. I'm afraid my resolutions are a little that way-- things I find completely enjoyable and would be doing anyway, but hey, why not? If keeping one's resolutions increases happiness, I'm on the right track. :D

Resolution #1: Garden more. To this end, just before Christmas, I planted two tiny pear trees which I will pleach in the spring. If you haven't read my article on pleaching, it is HERE. Right now, these two trees hardly appear worth a second glance. They are just little whips braving out the winter with help from the shelter of a fence. But that is where pleaching begins, and I feel thrilled thinking of the long-term results every time I see them. Photos of them later when they're a little more photogenic. photo here via here  

Resolution #2: Live in the garden more. I will try to wait until temperatures are not at sub-freezing levels to do this one. Until then, living in the garden vicariously is suiting me nicely. I've just finished reading Down the Garden Path by Beverley Nichols. It is the tale of 1920s playboy-turned-gardener upon the purchase of an English cottage and accompanying gardens. Recommended by Sunday Taylor of the blog, Ciao Domenica, it had me laughing constantly. It is available HERE or if you are in the UK, HERE. Photo, Clive Nichols Garden Photography

Resolution #3: Collect more art. I am still (eagerly) waiting on my large painting, and I hope it won't be my only acquisition this year. Collecting art is simply thrilling (especially for someone with a number of bare walls :)). 

I hope you'll be as successful keeping your New Year's resolutions as I plan to be keeping mine!
Cheers for a happy, healthy and prosperous 2013!


  1. These are great resolutions, Keri! I would love to garden more, as well! It just gets so hot here, that by late June, I've pretty much given up. It really is relaxing and rewarding to see the fruits of your labor.

  2. Great resolutions! I can't wait to see the painting! xo, Kathleen

  3. I think you've found the answer to New Year Resolutions. I make impossible ones and then feel like a failure because I can't achieve them! Have a great year! x Sharon

  4. I don't make resolutions since I never keep them and then I'm disappointed in myself so why make them only to set yourself up for failure. I prefer to have adventures in life and those I'm able to keep. You've made realistic goals and some that are fun to do so congratulations Keri I think you've found the key to resolutions!


  5. Love your resolutions! Especially to garden more, I am with you on that except I have to be really careful about poison ivy! Enjoy and have fun....wishing you all great things in 2013.

  6. Good morning dear Keri! How wonderful and grand are your resolutions! They seem easier to follow than many resolutions that people make. There is joy in gardening, joy in collecting art! Resolution: MORE JOY, no matter what it looks like!

    Thank you for coming to visit and to view my dress. It was quite an experience! MUCH LOVE! Anita

  7. Perfect resolutions! Enjoy them!!

  8. Healthy, achievable, beautiful resolutions! If you've managed to keep them for one week, the remaining fifty-one will be a piece of cake :-)

    I also wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for ALL your support and thoughtful comments last year concerning Gaspard our dog and in general on my blog. You have touched me and brought a smile to my face with each comment.

    Happy new year to you and your family.


  9. Keri,
    I love your resolutions, I too have committed to working in the garden more, with purpose and plan. I remember your post on pleaching...I'll be curious to see how it turns out. (kind of a, you first, right?)
    The roses are incredible, are those yours?
    Happy New Year...btw, I'm a big fan of resolving to do things you know you will do! :-)

  10. I LOVE your New Year's resolutions...I can manage all of them! It is just the getting more organized and going on a diet that might be a little more difficult!

  11. Your resolutions all sound great....I didn't even make one this year!

  12. Happy New Year, Keri! I need more art, too. Everything I love is so expensive. Guess the art will have to wait a bit longer. I hope your painting / mural is going well.

  13. Dear Keri, you know how I feel about gardening, so your resolution is my resolution ! I clearly remember your post on pleaching, something I too would love to do here, and Keri, we could putt around the garden together all day! I literally could spend the entire day in the garden! Your lovely post has brought home the idea of doing more of what we love and dream, and it is not necessarily always an expensive proposition! N.xoxo

  14. You have three admirable resolutions, Keri! I will look forward to seeing how your garden grows this year & also what new art will accompany you. Health, happiness and love for you and your family in 2013! xo K.

  15. Happy New Year Keri!

    Your resolutions are wonderful. I am going to try to garden more this year also, but I do not think I will be pleaching any trees. Good luck with your pear trees!


  16. I actually didn't make any this year. But I am tempted to adopt yours!

  17. Happy (belated) New Year Keri!
    i love your resolutions, and hope they aren't too difficult to keep.
    Have a lovely week,
    Liz x

  18. Happy New Year! They sound like perfect New Year's resolutions to me!

    ~ Clare x


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