February 5, 2013

Stepping into Spring

Spring may still be quite a few weeks away, but I sense it is on the steps-- especially these! And what a clever and charming way to dress up an otherwise strictly utilitarian area. 

The steps pictured first are softened with Campanula, a creeping perennial that will quickly fill in bare spots and blooms in spring and summer. Recommended varieties are Campanula 'Muralis' and Campanula 'EK Toogood', both of which will grow in sun or shade. There are a number of Campanula varieties with various growth habits. Campanula 'Muralis' is reported to be a tidy grower even when flowering. I suspect the second photo could be a Campanula as well, but maybe someone who knows better can tell me for sure. 

How are you passing the time between winter and spring, (or to my friends in the southern hemisphere), summer to fall?

xo Keri


  1. Ahhh spring sounds soo good right now! It feels very far away though with snow on the ground and more to come:)
    Love the stairs...it is magical!

  2. This is such a beautiful look. I now have to find out if campanula will grow in SW Florida. I would love to replicate this.

  3. Those images certainly capture the essence of Springtime.... It won't be long. I grow campanula and I love it...

  4. Hello Keri,

    I love Campanula, and used in this way on the steps is just gorgeous! I use this time between Winter and Spring to plan new projects for the warmer months - whether for my clients or my own home and garden. I try and complete all my own indoor projects now so that I can spend maximum time outside once the warmer weather starts!

    Sophia x

  5. Keri,
    Honestly, you inspired me with the seed growing post and I've been in full planning and planting mode ever since. I should note that I live in Southern California where that is mostly a given. I'm currently working on landscape plans for our son and his new wife for their front yard and plan to use campanula around the stepping stones they have in their yard.
    Great post!

  6. Hi, Keri - I feel it! Spring is coming soon :) I've been tending to my house plants - they keep me going during these cold days. And I noticed my early daffodils are coming up. I have the mini yellow tete-a-tetes. Hope you are well, Loi

  7. Oh they are lovely steps,just a shame I can't sit on them for my Saturday Steps! we have snowdrops so spring must be around the corner
    Have a Good Week
    See Yea George xxx

  8. Okay, I love this! It is so pretty and at the same time seems the perfect way to hide any issues with crumbling steps. I like it that they will grow in shade or sun.

    Thanks for sharing, Liz

  9. THIS is one of my absolute favorite flowers my friend. ARE YOU itching to get spring started? I cannot wait to see my boxwood hedges come back to life! LOVE TO YOU! Anita

  10. Hi Keri,
    I love the way the flowers soften the stone steps. Making it look like both have sat hand in hand for ever.
    Spring must be on its way soon!
    Hope you have a lovely weekend,
    Liz x

  11. Off to pin this right
    away, Keri! I have a
    stairway made of huge
    boulders and I think
    these might be just
    the ticket to soften
    the look.....

    I am passing the bleak
    mid-winter by tackling
    drawers and closets. That
    way I'll be ready to play
    when spring arrives : )

    Happy Weekend!

    xo Suzanne


    It is so nice to see your comment this morning! I pray all is well my dear! I cannot wait for spring to come again. We are having more snow NOW than ever, and though it is lovely, it is at this time that I start dreaming about pruning my boxwoods into tight and tidy shrubs!

    Thank you for your kind comments; may Valentine's Day and beyond be an experience of pure love and joy. Anita

  13. The Campanula looks so beautiful against the grey stone of the steps. I feel a bit like a captive in winter. My days fill with indoor tasks and the days pass quickly enough. Soon enough, it will be spring again.

  14. Beautiful!
    Ready for Spring!

  15. Oh, my gosh! This is gorgeous! I would never want to go in the house - just stay outside with these beautiful blooms! You've sold me!

  16. I just love the purple blooms! I use Campanula in my rock garden, but, I won't be seeing it any time soon!
    Have a happy weekend, Keri!
    ~ Wendi xo

  17. Beautiful color in these blooms. Just returned from golfing in Southern Arizona.

  18. I just love those stairs and steps. I wouldn't dare to walk along those stairs, because they're so beautiful!

  19. Getting through this end-of-winter phase - energy seems to slump and it doesn't help that my brain wants me to eat less but my body is still craving winter foods!
    I just LOVE those steps! I have dreamed of a walkway that is lined with low orange nasturtiums but this is just as beautiful! I think I've had campanula in our garden at some point (perhaps my window boxes) - making a mental note for upcoming trips to the garden center! xo

  20. Somehow I missed this! These are stunning! Can't wait to see your DIY project! Kathleen


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