August 25, 2013

Guest Post at Curious Looking Glass

I have written a guest post for Clare of the Australian blog, Curious Looking Glass. Clare has spent the last several weeks on a South American adventure including a trek on the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu. Meanwhile, she asked me to snap a few photos of life around my home state, Missouri, to share with her readers. You can see my guest post here. Be sure to stay tuned to Clare's blog. She'll soon be sharing photos from her recent trip.

Be back soon!



    What a glorious shot you share here; and thank you so much for coming to view mine. I'm with ya; I am fatigued and a bit overwhelmed. School starts tomorrow with meetings all week. I am very excited about that, actually. But I took a poetry class this summer that just OPENED MY EYES. I want to write well, but you know how when you want to do something well, you freeze up? Thanks for coming to my post, but it is by no means anything I put much work into but I am just plain tired. I think I need a break! But your visit is refreshing, and yes, LOVE is always a subject to muse about! I hope to see pictures of your patio?

  2. Hey sweet girl! Yes, I sense many people are plum tuckered out with many things, blogging being one of them. I LOVE TO WRITE and yet, I'm feeling a sense of fatigue.

    Your project is really going to be wonderful, even in the fall. We have been enjoying ours that we finished in June, but some days are either too hot to be out there. You will get it done. Much love Keri, and thanks so much for posting! Anita

  3. Lovely, Keri! I enjoyed your photos very much. Such a wonderful departure from city life here in DC. Enjoy this last week of August ~ Loi

  4. Keri,
    I'm headed over to read your guest post but I wanted to say how much I love the image of the kayak (or whatever kind of rowing boat that is).
    Hope you're enjoying these final weeks of summer.

  5. Beautiful Keri! HELLO! SALUT! BONJOUR!

    Thank you my dear for coming to visit and leave a comment! I've noticed lately that I get a lot of traffic from the same blogs over and over on a daily basis, but these people don't leave a comment! They must be looking at the photos....but to hear a kind word is always refreshing. Well here I on the first day of teaching middle and high school. I never imaged that would happen. MUCH LOVE! Anita

  6. Dearest one! THANK YOU FOR VISITING ME! How are you? How is that patio project? Can you believe summer is over?

    I thank you kindly for coming to visit me and I am just going to take more time to write and compose poetry because I LOVE IT SO, but you know what? I love the blogging world as well. Keep us posted on your projects! Anita

  7. Your guest post was just lovely, Keri! Back when I lived in USA (Michigan, to be more exact) I used to love canoeing. So much! They do offer rowing here on the Rhine but this river is just too deep and swift (not too mention, lots of huge ships and other traffic!) for my liking. Europe is great but there is a gentle pace about rural North America I admit I miss. Your photos captured that well!
    Hope to see you again soon! xo Karen


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