December 10, 2013

The Nativity Scene

My Nativity Scene

The first time I can remember watching A Charlie Brown Christmas I was an adult and kept hearing friends talk about how it was still their favorite Christmas movie. So I had rented it. Short, simple, unpretentious, & refreshingly focused on the true meaning of Christmas with Linus reciting the Christmas story from the Gospel according to Luke, it instantly became my favorite Christmas movie too.

My sister's Nativity by Willow Tree, available here. The understated beauty of the figures in this set make it wonderfully adaptable to any decorating style.

The symbols of Christmas that I love best are the ones that point to its true & humble origin like the Christmas creche or Nativitiy scene. Photos of beautiful Nativity scenes are hard to find in Christmas editions of American magazines, yet Nativity scenes are beautiful & highly collectible. So I've snapped photos everywhere I've seen Christmas Nativities lately, and my sister has shared photos of her Willow Tree Nativity, a really great set because of the simplicity of its design. It goes with absolutely any decor style. Plus, I've been told the Christmas creche is a popular feature in French homes during the holidays, & the French publication Campagne Decoration has published some handsome sets. 

 Overly dramatic figures in a Nativity scene found at the St. Louis-area shop, Three French Hens.

 Nativity contained within hovering angels wings. Available at Three French Hens, St. Louis.

 An oversized Nativity greets visitors to the St. Louis-area shop, Three French Hens.

A Nativity in silver and white with glitter. Also from the St. Louis shop, Three French Hens.

From the French publication, Campagne Decoration, a figure of baby Jesus in a manger. Photo by Patrick Van Robaeys

A Nativity scene complete with open-sided stable and overhead star in a French kitchen. Photo courtesy

I hope you're enjoying the season. I plan to be back in a few days with gift suggestions for gardeners

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Merry, Merry!

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  1. I have been looking for a nice nativity set this season. It's hard to find something that I like - something that is simple and elegant. Through my search I've thought many times why don't company's who produce Religious items consult with people from the church. I'm pretty sure our parish Priest would not pick a nativity set with sparkles on it.
    Ha - I've come to the conclusion that it may take a trip to Rome to find the authenticity I'm looking for...........


    OK, I can remember the crêche scene my mother put out every year. As a child, I used to play with the figurines that were placed inside of a gorgeous homemade manger my father made. I can still see the pale colors of the robes of the wise men, and I know exactly where the donkeys would be placed....oh the memories....

    I have a little theatre in my front room that I am enjoying for the season. I had wanted to place a little baby Jesus in the center of the "stage" then make paper cut-out dolls of people of different colors and nationalities HOLDING hands, surrounding the baby in a circle. But time has gotten away from me, so maybe next year.

    Lovely photos sweet friend, and I wish you a marvelous holiday preparation! Anita

  3. Keri,
    What lovely examples of the nativity. I confess I gave my set to our first daughter-in-law. My aunt, who was a china painter, painted the set complete with cows and sheep. My DIL displays it every year and I'm so happy she loves it. I've yet to find a replacement.
    Oh, I love garden gift ideas. I'll look forward to it.

  4. a beautiful reminder of what christmas is truly about. such beauty in your nativity scene, in particular!

  5. Keri, I love these images...The hovering angel over the nativity is lovely...I have always connected Christmas to the nativity, since it was the only thing that decorated our home growing up...Unfortunately it was lost somehow, and I have my own crèche now...lovely post Keri, thank you! N.xo

  6. Dearest Keri! HEY THERE! Thank you for coming to visit me! And you too got tons of snow? Well, we got our share AND with the lowest temps! For the last four days, we've had WAY BELOW zero and yesterday, it was unbearable. We are supposed to warm up to 20 today and that will feel good.

    (can't wait now for spring, like you!) Love, Anita

  7. I have one I put out every year...I cant even remember where I got it....but all of these are very nice!


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